Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

WordPress, the content management system that powers 26% of the internet. That’s how popular it is. Anyone serious about going the distance at online publishing, this is the tool for you.
Self Hosted Blog
By self hosting your WordPress blog means that you get a webhosting plan, install and run WordPress. This is a widely used option for professional bloggers. Choosing this method also means that you will need to register a domain name for your blog.
  • Domain name – Registered and self owned. Renewed yearly.
  • Publishing platform – WordPress. Free. Open source.
  • Hosting – Self hosted. Billed monthly, quarterly or yearly.
Domain Name Registration
Registering domain names is easy and there are many companies offering the service. Start with the reputable companies below:-  
Note: Some webhosting companies offer free domain name with the purchase of hosting plans. So check them out first before rushing to register your domain name.
Hosting Your WordPress
For starters, shared hosting is prefered as it keeps cost low as compared to dedicated hosting. Shared hosting means you have to share the  host server with other domains using the same piece of hardware. Most hosting company offers multiple WordPress installation. This means that you can run multiple WordPress blogs on the same hosting plan. Just register more domains and add on to the same webhosting plan without extra cost.
WordPress Friendly Web Hosting Companies
These companies provide tools to support installation of WordPress in simple and easy steps. Just perfect for this purpose.
Things to consider when choosing a hosting plan.
  • Single or multiple domain
  • Storage Space
  • Visits Per Month
Unlimited bandwidth is not a realistic offering. Do not take it seriously as there are downsides to it.
Powered By WordPress
Once you have your domain and WordPress running on your webhost, you are armed with the most flexible and powerful online publishing tool. Enter the wonderful world of self publishing. Self-hosted WordPress blog gives you ownership and full control over the content and direction of the website. A great start for anyone who chooses this option.

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