Start a Blog at Zero Cost

While disposableWebPage delivers an online webpage presence of no more than 90 days, it may not be suitable for everyone. If you are looking to publish your very own content on the web by starting your own website or blog, this is for you.
3 Main Things to Consider
There are plenty of decisions to make when starting a website.
Fret not. Just deal with the 3 important ones first.
  • Domain name – The name of your website.
  • Publishing platform – The publishing or content management system you use.
  • Hosting your content – Where all your content or data is stored on the internet.
The Free Option
If you don’t have a budget and want to start a blog without incurring a single cent. Here are some options. Note that these options will most certainly cost you the freedom of choosing your own domain name. Website performance may not be great but you will not have to worry about the webhosting part of your data.
1. – subdomain

Third party advertising not allowed.

2. – subdomain. Owned by Google
Medium – subdomain
Tumblr – subdomain. Owned by Yahoo!
Weebly – subdomain
Wix – Free site url:
Jimdo – subdomain
All the options above are different publishing platform. Except for WordPress, which is an open source publishing tool, you will not be able to switch to another website builder company and expect find the same software tool to work with. Making a platform switch later on may require some effort and technical knowledge.
Going from Free to Paid – Getting your own domain
If you decide to have your own domain name, you can easily do so by opting for a paid hosting plan. You can do this at the point of starting your website or some time later when you require one. It would be a good to try out a few publishing platform mentioned above to see if the interface, themes offered and features are up to your expectations.

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