Samsung Galaxy Note8

SAMSUNG has release yet another noteworthy mobile device. The Galaxy Note8 comes just one year after the Note 7 was released. The Note 7 was short lived, recalled and discontinued shortly after it was found to have a faulty battery design which causes it to catch fire. 

The Galaxy Note is back.

This time, it has a lot of grounds to gain as it tries to regain consumer confidence and be the noteworthy Galaxy it once was known for. 

Price of the Note8

The unlocked Galaxy Note8 price starts at $929.

Galaxy Note8 New Key Features

Some of the feature highlights of the Note8 includes a large bezel-less 6.3″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screen, S Pen, dual 12 megapixels rear cameras with image stabilization on both the cameras.

Reviews of Galaxy Note8

Take a closer look at the newly launched Note8 with some good video reviews. Since a good camera is one of the most sought after quality of any mobile device, two of the reviews included below goes into some details about the phone’s camera. The last review below includes a side-by-side comparison video between the Note8 and the IPhone 7 Plus camera. It’s a great way to gauge if the Note8’s audio, video and image stabilization performance is up to mark. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 CAMERA Review – Worth the Upgrade? | The Tech Chap
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hands On: Bigger and Better Where It Truly Counts
Note 8 vs Iphone 7 Plus Video Camera Test | Optical Image Stabilizer Test

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Launch Event

Samsung Galaxy Note8 launch was streamed live on August 23, 2017. The event was called ‘Samsung Galaxy Note8 Unpacked’. Watch the full replay of the launch below. The video is set to start at 12:08, the moment the Note8 was unveiled.

Official Website of Samsung Galaxy Note8

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