Essential Phone

Founded by Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android, the world’s most widely used operating system today, Essential Products has launch Essential Phone.

Official Website is the official website of Essential Products. Detailed information about the phone can be found on their website. You can also get a glimpse of their upcoming product, the Essential Home which is a smart home device.

Price of the Phone

The essential phone is priced at $699 and is now available on the official website. Ships to the US only. The Essential Phone has an optional attachable 360° camera. The camera cost an additional $50 if you buy it together with the phone. Otherwise, it costs $199 when sold separately.

A Newcomer Yet No Novice

Essential Product is a newcomer in mobile phone industry. Yet it has no difficulty in getting the publicity it needs to rival established smart phone makers like Apple and Samsung. Thanks to the founder Andy Rubin whose identity as the co-founded Android has helped market the phone in a unique way. 

The co-founder of Android has launched a new phone!

Reviews of the Phone

Let take a closer look at PH-1, the actual model name of the phone which is pretty easy to remember. Phone = PH-1  (Ph-one), see it? These Youtubers have made good first-hand video reviews on the phone. 

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Essential Phone Hands On: 72 Hours Later
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Essential Phone Impressions!

Andy Rubin, showing off the Essential Phone

Prior to the official launch, Andy Rubin was seen showing off the phone on a live interview streamed over the internet. This was back in May 2017. Video is set to start at 14:48 when he reveals the phone.

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