Shop Overseas with the Help of Personal Shoppers

Shopping is ever evolving. 

Online shopping has come a long way. Today, shopping gets a new twist. gives you a new way to buy stuff from overseas. Specific things you are looking for.

How it works

If you have traveled and have bought certain things, you may have bought it because it is not available in your country. 

So what do you do if you wish to buy it again?

You use By posting the image of what you have bought on your previous trips, you now have a host of personal shoppers. That’s because you have fellow countrymen going for a trip to the same country you visited. The platform allows you to set price and post details of what you are looking to buy. A personal shopper travels overseas for his or her holiday or business trip and goes shopping on your behalf. 

You receive the goods once your personal shopper arrives back from overseas. 

Do you travel frequently?

You can be part of the work force behind Airfrov if you travel overseas frequently and normally have some space left in your luggage. Yup, make some money out of your extra luggage space. A great way to kill some time on your business trips.

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