8 Image Editors for the Desktop

Image editors have come a long way and has been around even before the internet was born. While online image editors are becoming more popular these days, desktop image editors still command a strong following. There are still lots of features that the desktop version offers which is not available with the online version. The best feature any destop image editor is perhaps that it is able to run even without an internet connection.   Here’s a list of desktop image editors worth trying out:-
GIMP – Linux, OS X, Windows [Free]
Inkscape – Linux, OS X, Windows [Free]
Krita – Linux, Windows, Mac OS X [Free]
Affinity – Mac OS, Windows [One time payment]
Adobe Illustrator – Mac OS, Windows [Subscription]
SketchApp – Mac OS X [One time cost]
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite – Windows [One time cost]
MyPaint – Linux, Mac OS X, Windows [Free]
Free image editors like GIMP and Inkscape are widely used not just because it is free. For many out there with the need for image editing, these free tools provide many features which are sufficient for use on most website projects. Definitely worth the while to check them out.

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