5 Domain Name Generators

Getting a good domain name registered is an important part of starting a website. While registration of a domain name is straight forward, finding an available domain name to register can be difficult.  

"This domain name is not available"

When you try to register a domain name with very common words in it, you are likely to find that it has been taken. This is especially true when you want a .com version of the name. A good name is a good beginning and the search a good one can go on and on. 

What do you do? 

Domain Name Generators

One way to get around finding an suitable domain name is to use domain name generators. They are tools to help suggest domain names based on the keywords you wish to include. These tools can even tell you if the generated domain names are available for registration.

Registered but still available for sale

In some cases, the domain name is registered and may be for sale. Just type in the domain url in the browser and navigate to the website. See if it is bare and look out for any message which says that the site may be for sale.

You can browse registered domain names for sale at the following websites: –

The price of a good domain name varies. It can get really expensive. Ouch!

Take Your Time

Registering a good domain name is worth the time and effort. Take out a paper and pen and list down all possible domain names and its availability. Take the time to decide and decide only after making the list. Brainstorming for names can go on days. A good name is the beginning of a good website.

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