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Quick Help – disposableWebPage Image Editor
  1. Elements on the canvas are organized as layers in Canvas Views.
  2. Each canvas view consists of:
    • layers added to its own view
    • layers added to the shared view
  3. Layers added to shared view:
    • are available on all other views.
    • have its own position, size, opacity and rotation in the other views.
  4. If you cannot see an element. Try the following:
    • Bring the element layer to the top.
    • Bring the element to center, using align button
  5. You cannot save this canvas.
    • Changes you make will be disposed on closing the browser.
    • Uploaded images will remain available for some days.
    • This image editor is designed for the "edit, download and forget" usage.
  6. You can use the canvas in the following way:
    • Download the canvas view as image.
Save a copy of your canvas for editing later.
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This layer is shared. Editing common properties may affect other slides.
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Editing of curve or shape is only available in the shared view  
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  Sides: Angle: Spoke Ratio:
Text Position X Offset: Y Offset: Padding: Letter spacing: Line Height:
Circular Text    Start Angle: Radius Adjust: Text:
Stroke Text:
Width: Dash: Space: Offset: Corner-Radius:
Text Shadow    Blur: X: Y:
Background Shadow    Blur: X: Y:
Width: Height: Rotate:  
Font Size: Radius: Opacity: Width: Height:  
Opacity: Width: Height:  
  Pick Color from Canvas, Click to Select.
disposableWebPage Image Editor

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