About DisposableWebPage

Welcome to DisposableWebPage, a place where pages come and pages go. It is a site where pages created last only for a season to provide a variety of content which can be random at times but relevant, timely and interesting at best.

Yes, pages here expire.

Except for pages like this one, most disposableWebPage have a lifespan. It is usually measured in quarters, which are periods of 90 days. The lifespan determined for each page varies, depending on the type and quality of the content it carries.

So what can I find here?

For a start, content related to technology, which makes complete sense to expire the content as it is a fast moving ever-changing industry. But we don’t limit the possibilities. The kind of content most suited to be on a disposableWebPage would be one that people in general would want to read it today, but not in six to twelve months time. So it is better of disposed after a season. You may also find some evergreen articles which may take a longer course of time to expire as they are still relevant after they are published for some time. While most content here are somewhat predictable, a small portion of the content here will be experimental. Experimental pages will certainly expire in a shorter time to allow assessment on its popularity and viability to be done. This allow new niches to be discovered as experimental efforts here are purposed to find out what works and what doesn’t. We are constantly looking for ways to uncover new possibilities to grow disposableWebPage.

A Brief History

disposableWebPage.com was started in 2007 as a simple tool to allow the online community a quick and simple way to publish temporary content on a webpage. Since then thousands of disposable webpages has been created by the online community for different kinds of needs.

Can I still create a temporary page here?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Fast forward 2017, disposableWebPage is expiring the service it first started with. Nevertheless, disposableWebPage remaining true to its name continues to serve time-sensitive web pages for the consumption of the online community.   Thank you for reading this page!