Welcome to disposableWebPage

Disposable Web Page lets you create private webpages which are stored locally on your browser. It's main purpose is to serve a short term purpose and help you get a few things going.
Why is it called disposableWebPage?
Like most disposable products, disposable webpages are convenient, personal and cheaper. It's actually free. There's no logins, no accounts and no password to remember.
Unlike most disposable products, it is arguable less harmful to the environment. Something modern day innovative disposable products strive to achieve, a topic for another place.
What can you do with a disposableWebPage?
The are generally 3 types of disposable webpages. What you can do with them are as below:-
  • Write notes, add images, create checklist or todo list, embed YouTube videos, create tables using the basic page.
  • Schedule meetings, appointments and events on a calendar using the calendar page.
  • Create social profile covers, banners or perform image editing using the Image editor.
Where are disposableWebPages are stored?
When you create a disposable webpage you will get a URL that looks like https://disposablewebpage.com/page?79wX5aM1 and it is:
  • stored on your device's or PC's browser
  • accessible only on the same device or PC you created it with
  • accessible only on the same browser you created it with
  • editable without requiring any login or passwords
How can I share my pages?
Every page you create can be exported to a file. You can send the file to a friend, who can then open it using the import page.
  • Pages are stored in the browser's internal cache. If you clear your browser's cache, it will delete all the pages you have created.
  • Do not store important information of the webpages like passwords or personal account details.
  • Best used if you are on a device or PC, on which you are logged in as a user on the OS.
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