Screen Capture with Online Image Editor

Screen capture is one part of web publishing that is used very often for some of us who are blogging. That is because there is a need to show what a website look likes or how something is used. It is frequent used here to show you useful things you can use.

Hence, there is a need for an easy-to-use screen capture feature built into the disposableWebPage image editor. It is designed to be convenient and time saving.

Using the Screen Capture Function on the Image Editor

Print Screen

To capture screenshot, simply press the print screen key on your keyboard when you are at the screen you wish to capture. This will cause the screenshot to be stored in your device memory.

Then go to the canvas via the button below.

Screen Capture with Image Editor

Then select the canvas view with the appropriate width. If you do not want to resize the screenshot, simply choose any canvas view.

Click on the canvas and Press Ctrl-V. This will trigger an upload of the screenshot and it will be stored on the server as an image.

Resize Screenshot

Once you see the screenshot on the canvas you can begin by cropping out the parts you want to give it focus. Use the crop function to do this.

Resize Image

Next, click on “Scale To Canvas Width” button. This will scale the image to the width of the canvas while maintaining the image proportion.

Afterwards, click “Canvas to Image Size” to resize the canvas to match the image size.

Now, you are ready to annotate, add arrows pointers and highlights to enhance the screenshot.


Finally, download the image.


Go to the canvas via the button below.

Screen Capture with Image Editor



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