disposableWebPage Online Image Editor

A Brief Introduction

disposableWebPage Image Editor is purposefully designed to give you the ability to create covers, banners and promotional images quickly.

Edit, Download and Go

The key concept of working with the editor is that you start the editor with a suitable template. You then choose a canvas view for appropriate size for your targeted media. Each view shows layers from the shared view and can have different image sizes.  Once you’ve edited the view, you can either download the image or send the image to your disposableWebPage.

Uploading images

Images can be inserted into the image editor by uploading the images. They will be stored on the server for a period of time before they are disposed. The time will be sufficient for you to finish your editing session of the canvas before it is removed. You are advised not to upload images containing sensitive information as it is publicly accessible over the internet.

Saving Changes

Saving any changes made to the canvas is not possible currently. You can save the image or send it to a disposableWebPage. Edit, download and go on the next thing.

So Where are the Templates

The first of many to come is the Hello World template. Here’s a start

Hello World

Just as blogs have a hello world post. There is a hello world canvas for the disposableWebPage image editor. Feel free to modify the canvases you find on this site for your own use.

Try the “Hello Word’ Canvas

Cover Image

disposableWebpage first cover image made with the editor.

disposableWebPage Cover Image

More to come …

Check back often for more templates to be posted on this site. Read the posts as they include new templates introduced for different purposes.

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